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UPDATE (10/16/2016): Tammy Ward and Hope Haven Events has released an official statement regarding this KUTV 2News report. See statement in the comments section.

On Wednesday, September 21st 2016 KUTV 2News posted the following report regarding Christ-centered energy healing, “The business behind Christ-centered energy healing”.

According to KUTV 2 News, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released the following statement regarding it’s position on Christ-centered energy healing.

“We urge Church members to be cautious about participating in any group that promises-in exchange for money-miraculous healings or that claims to have special methods for accessing healing power outside of properly ordained priesthood holders,” (LDS church spokesman Eric Hawkins)


Note that the statement, if verified, agrees with this compilation of statements by the Prophet Joseph Smith which has been compiled here, “What have LDS Church leaders taught concerning Christ-centered energy healing?”.

Also note this account from the New Testament:

And when Simon saw that through laying on of the apostles’ hands the Holy Ghost was given, he offered them money,

Saying, Give me also this power, that on whomsoever I lay hands, he may receive the Holy Ghost.

But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money.

Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of God.

Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee.

For I perceive that thou art in the gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity.

Then answered Simon, and said, Pray ye to the Lord for me, that none of these things which ye have spoken come upon me. (Acts 8:18-24)

If you are aware of any additional information or verification of the Church’s statement, please comment below or contact LDS Answers.

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  1. I hope this report causes anyone involved in Christ-centered energy healing to carefully reconsider. I love the statement referenced from Joseph Smith regarding the essential role of the Priesthood in exercising gifts of the spirit. The Lord’s house is a house of order and His way works! He is the only way to the Father. We can trust His instruction and “methods”! He is just as much a healer today as He was when walking the shores of Galilee. Where is our faith that His way is sufficient to heal every mental, emotional and physical ailment?

  2. These money-changers may evoke the name of our Savior, but what are the fruits? They replace the doctrines and principles of Jesus Christ with their arcane and mystical creeds. With the language of the scriptures void and absent, so is the spirit and power of God. It’s important to remember that the usage of His name does not denote His servants. “For in those days there shall also arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch, that, if possible, they shall deceive the very elect, who are the elect according to the covenant.” (JST Matthew 1:22)

    “The promise of false Christs who will deceive, if it were possible, even the very elect, who will lead astray those who have made eternal covenant with the Lord, is a far more subtle and insidious evil.A false Christ is not a person. It is a false system of worship, a false church, a false cult that says: “Lo, here is salvation; here is the doctrine of Christ. Come and believe thus and so, and ye shall be saved.” It is any concept or philosophy that says that redemption, salvation, sanctification, justification, and all of the promised rewards can be gained in any way except that set forth by the apostles and prophets.” (Bruce R. McConkie)

    It is crucial that we make the distinction between true and false authority, true and false Christs. On another subject Brigham Young orated these wise words, “Jesus has revealed his Priesthood, so has the devil revealed his, and there is quite a difference between the two. One forms a perfect chain, the links of which cannot be separated; one has perfect order, laws, rules, regulations, organization; it forms, fashions, makes, creates, produces, protects and holds in existence the inhabitants of the earth in a pure and holy form of government, preparatory to their entering the kingdom of Heaven. The other is a rope of sand; it is disjointed, jargon, confusion, discord, everybody receiving revelation to suit himself. “

  3. I have a facebook page dedicated to teaching correct gospel principles that govern healing both physical and spiritual and to expose the subtle deceptions found in energy healing.

    As followers of Jesus Christ, whenever we are presented with a new idea or method it is our responsibility to seek to know and do the will of God and not our own. We are to seek truth that God has provided to us through his ordained servants, the Scriptures, the Holy Ghost and through prayer.
    The Church was very wise to counsel its members to use caution especially since the claims made in the energy healing world fall outside of the Lord’s established pattern for healing and the gift of healing.

    As I have relied on the scriptures, prayer, and statements made by the prophets of the restoration I have come to more fully understand the healing powers of the Atonement and the gift of healing given as a Spiritual gift to those honest seekers of such gift.
    The Lord provided a pattern for the Gift of healing so that we are not deceived. The Gift of healing is Priesthood blessings administered by one who is ordained through the laying on of hands and through the faith of the recipient, prayer, the use of wholesome foods as outlined in the word of wisdom including the use of herbs and herbal medicines. This coupled with the will and timing of the Lord is how we can have the Gift of healing either to heal or to be healed. We are promised that as we follow correct gospel principles and continue in faithful righteousness and obedience we can enjoy the blessings of physical and spiritual health even the blessing of walking and not be faint and running and not be wary. It is a both a law and a blessing.

    Just like our physical body is made up of different matter than our Spiritual body, there are different laws and principles that govern the healing of our Spiritual Bodies. The laws and principles that govern the Gift of healing for our spiritual bodies are the laws associated with accessing both the enabling and sanctifying powers of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We gain access to the healing powers of the atonement as we are faithful and obedient to the principles and ordinances of the gospel which are Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Repentance, baptism and once we are baptized weekly participation in the ordinance of the Sacrament, and finally the Gift of the holy Ghost. We are required to be obedient to the commandments and to continue in righteousness in order to enjoy the Gift of the Holy Ghost which is the power by which we can sanctify our spiritual bodies of not only sin but all emotional pains and hurt caused by others or our own rebellion. This is the pattern established by the Lord. God declared in scripture that if it is by some other way it is not of Him. Doctrine and Covenants 50:18 18 And if it be by some other way it is not of God.

  4. I think we need to be careful about what we stamp Christ’s name on. Like the above comment mentions, He already has His ways of healing. If we disregard the forms of healing He has already given us, why should we expect (our) methods to work.

  5. Thank you for your comments. Members of my family have been lured into believing that they are happier than they have ever been when they follow the counsel of their energy workers. They tell me that their bishops and stake presidents say that so-called “Christ-centered energy healing” works hand-in-hand with the Priesthood. If those family members were not mistaken about what their Priesthood leaders said, I would hope those (and all) Priesthood leaders would recognize this for what it really is–a subtle, effective way of deceiving hundreds and even thousands of sincere members of the Church seeking something beyond healing through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Priesthood Power. They want something else that promises quicker, easier answers because they have seen the “healing” results of the bewitching psychic sorcery veiled under the name of “Christ-centered healing”. This quote from James E. Talmage is a warning to all faithful members of the Church to BEWARE. “Satan has shown himself to be an accomplished strategist and a skillful imitator; the most deplorable of his victories are due to his simulation of good, whereby the undiscerning have been led captive. Let no one be deluded with the thought that any act, the immediate result of which appears to be benign, is necessarily productive of permanent good. It may serve the dark purposes of Satan to play upon the human sense of goodness, even to the extent of healing the body and apparently of thwarting death.” (“We Believe: Doctrines and Principles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints“, Elder James E. Talmage) The Prophet Joseph Smith said, “Nothing is a greater injury to the children of men than to be under the influence of a false spirit when they think they have the Spirit of God.” ( Teachings: Joseph Smith
    Chapter 33: The Spiritual Gifts of Healing, Tongues, Prophecy, and Discerning of Spirits)

  6. Everything we need to know us in the scriptures. If we look at prophecy and types and shadows in the scriptures, we will see why false doctrines and practices are seeping into the hearts of the members of Christ’s church.
    The Old and New Testament both warns us not to be involved in pagan practices and not to bring those practices into our worship of God. We then see the pattern of the Israelites ignored this counseled and fell away. The Old Testament is a warning not to mix traditions from the east into the worship. Reiki is a eastern philosophy. The OT warns of very serious consequences for allowing wordly practices to enter into their worship.

    I think what members need is not a statement from the Church, but they need a return to a serious study and application of the patterns, principles, and warnings found in the scriptures. They are repeating the sins and errors of early Israel.

  7. We all have free agency and I believe that God can and will heal as he see’s fit. Priesthood blessing has so many questions like is the priesthood holder giving the blessing worthy and what actually does that mean? I have been told by so many different leaders. That different personal actions question worthiness.
    The person receiving the blessing requires faith and exception of the blessing. Don’t be like sheep pray and discover for your self. I have been taught that we are here to learn, and if we don’t experience things how do you learn. Yes with the knowledge of knowing that with every choice right or wrong. We will experience the results.

  8. I think Tammy is confusing making money off of a talent and making money off of a gift of the spirit. To me there’s a big difference.

    • I think this is the “silver bullet” on the money issue as it relates to “Christ-centered” energy healing. It is one thing to receive compensation for our personal work. Another thing to attempt to receive compensation for God’s intervention. Whenever this is attempted, I don’t believe the source will be divine.

  9. To me the problem is blending or combining energy healing with “Christ” and the power of God. I don’t think “energy healing” in general in and of itself is problematic — it is a tool based usually in principles of Eastern medicine that can be very helpful to many people, often much more effective and less problematic than Western medicine. Acupuncture, acupressure, massage, reiki, foot zoning, even chiropractics, and many others are examples of this. The problem for me comes in when people take these tools and call them “Christ” or claim that they heal people (often miraculously) by the “Power of Christ” or when they very visibly and vocally invoke God into their healing. Energy work can be extremely effective, but I think far too many people confuse energy work with Christ and thus have a confused or incorrect idea of who and what God is. I have heard many people say that they have come to know Christ and to experience the power of God in their lives through energy work. That is the problem that I see. Using energy work or Eastern medicine in and of itself is no more problematic than using Western medicine — it is often better. But people need to recognize that they are using Eastern medicine, not tapping into a special channel from God. If a Western doctor claimed that the antibiotics they were giving you would heal you by the Power of God, and they could tap into that power for you and sell you healing, that would be problematic as well. I think that every Godly person should, and hopefully does, pray over their work and try to follow inspiration and invoke the power of the spirit into their efforts — but if anyone in any profession does it so visibly and claims to have special abilities to channel God’s power which you can receive if you pay them for their “time” that is where the problem lies.

  10. I called church headquarters department (801-240-1000, ask for correlation department, then press 0). They led me to Eric Hawkins office, the man who responded on behalf of the church in regards to energy healing, making the statement… ““We urge Church members to be cautious about participating in any group that promises-in exchange for money-miraculous healings or that claims to have special methods for accessing healing power outside of properly ordained priesthood holders.” They said it wasn’t published anywhere else and was just a media response.

    Another man in the public relations department told me that you may be able to find something on it at

  11. After further pondering this topic,listening, and reading to the debate about “Christ-centered Energy Healing” or just “Energy healing’ in general, i think we are focused on the wrong things. We shouldn’t just be asking, “should money be charged or not” or if we can even label it “Christ-centered”. I think the question we should be asking ourselves is “Should energy healing be done at all in any form whether in Christ’s name or without Christ’s name”?

    Many LDS and Christians do not really understand what energy healing really is, where it comes from, how it is taught, and what or who is behind it.

    First, most energy healers do not tell you that when they perform an energy healing session on you they believe they are channeling angels and it is angels who are the ones actually working on you.

    Most energy healers believe they received their knowledge about the art of energy healing from angels themselves. They receive this knowledge through the channeling of Spirits. These methods are not done only among a few, it is a well known practice within all circles and among all LDS energy healers. This fact alone should give any LDS or Christian follower pause and alarm. Even in the video clip on KUTV news the Reiki healer says she hopes Christ will personally attend and assist in the healing. Tammy kept implying that she was told it was okay to call it “Christ-centered”. Who told her that? and By what authority did she receive permission to act in the name of Christ? Doctrine and Covenants 50:17-20

    These are questions we should be asking ourselves? Upon which law or doctrine are they following that enables them to channel spirits or receive permission from a divine source to conduct healing sessions with “angels” present. Doctrine and Covenants 130: 20-21 How are they testing these angels to know if they come from God or from the wrong source? Doctrine and Covenants 50:2-4

    Secondly, LDS energy healers claim that they are bringing their clients closer to Christ. One energy healer wrote, ” When i do energy healing I start with a prayer to Heavenly Father and end with a prayer evoking the name of Jesus Christ. I also close the session with prayer and thank God for helping me with my client. It is always very spiritual and brings people closer to Christ”.

    How does it bring people closer to Christ? Again, which law or principle does that “healer” follow that brought her client closer to Christ? If i can pay an energy healer to bring me closer to Christ, where is my need to have faith, repent, participate in ordinances, pray, fast, attend the temple and all the other things that are commanded of us to do so that we can be more like the Savior and thus “be brought closer to Him”.

    Finally, if you look at the history of energy healing itself you will understand that it is a very ancient pagan practice. This ancient pagan practice was not based on a belief of God. They did not worship God instead they worshiped what they called a life force or energy. They believed and still do today that this life force is the essence of our beings, consciousness, and soul. They also believed that it is this “life force” energy that nourishes the soul and body. So they created the practice of energy healing to keep this life force from becoming blocked or stagnant. It was how they gained “inner peace”.

    Should LDS or any Christian be practicing an ancient pagan healing ritual? I would say NO!! Why? Because we know that our bodies have a Spirit not a life force. We nourish our spirit not through energy but by feasting upon the word of God! We are nourished as we receive the light of Christ through repentance and righteous obedience to Gospel principles. We are healed through the Atonement of Christ which is freely accessed as we participate in sacred gospel ordinances. Our Spirits have an intelligence. “The Glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth”. If we have an intelligence and the Glory of God is intelligence then in order to receive healing through God we have to follow light and truth. There is no other way.

    • A few thoughts. First, I hope everyone realizes that everything you are saying about the genesis of Eastern medicine being godless holds even more true for Western medicine. It grows out of an atheistic mindset where science is god. Yet God can work through Western medicine to accomplish His purposes (Elder Nelson’s miraculous mid-operation inspiration is a great example.) There are truths to Eastern medicine that can benefit people as well. I was completely turned off from “energy” medicine for the exact reasons that you state. However it is incorrect to say that all energy healers invoke spirits and claim Christ, etc. It was when I met a very down to earth practitioner who very intentionally refused to go there, and claimed that energy work is just a tool. period. not to be in any way confused or mingled with spirit, or religion, etc. that I felt a change in my understanding. I was thankful because her style of energy work helped me recover from a horrendous case of pneumonia that had me down for months, and that the doctors made worse with awful medications. I was very thankful to know that there are different avenues. Both Eastern and Western medicine are crutches — ultimately we are ideally be able to be healed by faith and by God in all things. But in the meantime sometimes after prayer I feel inspired to see a doctor, and sometimes I feel led to use other means (oils, massage, energy work, etc.) I really do think all things can work together for our good as long as we recognize what they are and don’t get confused about the nature and power of God.

      • Sadly, Western medicine today is defined as “pharmaceuticals and addictive drugs” and also surgery. Most people want to avoid those very two things so they search for alternatives. Thankfully God has a law of health and He has ordained “alternatives”. Actually, if we followed his law of health In the first place, in most cases, we would never need surgery or pills and we wouldn’t be seeking “alternatives”. His law of health requires us to follow the word of wisdom which isn’t just avoiding coffee, Tea, alcohol and other harmful drugs. We are to eat a diet filled with wholesome foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and little to no meat. Most of the healthcare issues we face today are a direct result of our diets or disobedience to the word of wisdom. He has also ordained many plants and herbs that have medicinal properties as well that we have failed to take advantage of and instead put our trust in drugs made by pharmaceutical companies not doctors.
        But western medicine is much more than just harmful drugs. If I break a bone, I am going to seek treatment from traditional medicine. If my child falls and cracks his head open, I am going to seek a traditional (western medicine) doctor to apply stitches.
        My 10 year old son was born with a liver defect. He had no bile ducts and his liver would shut down and die without a life saving surgery. He needed a surgery to cut a piece of his small intestine to form a bile duct and attach it to his liver. This was not evil. It was a blessing. This surgeon having studied the laws that govern the physical body was able to apply those laws and successful make a functioning liver for my son.

        In contrast, energy work is an area of practice that claims to manipulate the electrical currents, forces, and fields in and around your body for the purpose of improved health. It’s one of the many controversial healing practices that originated from eastern philosophy.
        Why is it controversial? We need to ask ourselves this question: When a practitioner is using energy upon which principle or law does he follow that allows him or her to manipulate ones energy? How does that practitioner define energy? How is he scientifically approaching that energy?? If energy is defined as “spirit” as it is by most LDS energy healers, how is energy healing not the channeling of spirits? And do you really think it is safe to allow someone to “tap” into your spirit and manipulate it even for the sake of health? That is the key difference. There is no universal spiritual law or scientific principle that allows or gives anyone authority to manipulate another’s “energy”. Does it work? Yes! Why? Because the adversary has power. In fact, it would be the adversary that wants us to give him or someone else permission to manipulate and change our energy our the energy around us.

        • You are mistaken Kimberly..i have been in The field of”Energy Healing” for over 23 years and I am also a Melchizedek Priesthood holder and have served a mission for the lds church. There are many energy modalities that are very powerful that can be used in great benefit to mankind that are not”devilish” Energy is like water.. neither good note evil.. it’s how you use it that makes it so.. before you make general statements about energy modalities.. healing.. please do a little more research before jumping to conclusions about it.. please look up modalities such as.. accu- therapy, therapeutic touch.. that doctors and nurses use, chi – gong, theta – healing, quantum touch, bio- touch, and one of my favorites.. Polarity..

          • Hi Isileli,
            I was wondering if you could shed some light on energy therapy. I am so interested in it. I have studied some modalities of energy therapy trying to seek the truth. I have been in constant conflict and been struggling for years, but am drawn to it none the less. In my blessing and my daughters, it talks about us being able to heal. Could you please give me some guidance towards what may be beneficial for me to study so that I can have some sense of peace about the direction I would like to take and most importantly not offend my Heavenly Father.

            • Since the comment you are responding to is 2 years old, and as I am interested in this topic as a beginner and also a Melchizdek priesthood holder (for whatever that is worth to people), from the LDS line (I find it surprising that more people don’t list their lineages, since that is pretty standard fare for Far East traditions), I’ll take a crack at answering.

              Essential oils are made from plants, via compression methods. This would be the most doctrinally and scripture safe method to start off with and learn healing methods. All the herbs of earth used for healing, right. Even tobacco can be used for healing if you use it on the skin instead of eat or smoke it.

              For info on this, you can just look online or via Plant Therapy’s website. Buy some oils to test out on yourself and gain confidence that way.

              Why would Heavenly Father be offended by humans learning about the Creation? Are we not on this earth to fulfill a purpose, part of which is to experience this Creation as life. Humans can be offended, such as in churches.

              Even Jesus of Nazareth himself was labeled by his “religious leaders” as using healing power from the devil. Those who are his true disciples should expect no better treatment from the gentiles or the nations.

              Always remember that it was the spirit of conflict that lead the US and apostate organizations to kill Joseph Smith for “working magic” and other heresies. Mormons, LDS included, have picked up a little too much of that sort of US “christianity” over time.

        • One thing to keep in mind is that, yes, we do have the Lord’s law of health but it doesn’t guarantee that health issues won’t arise. I was actually born with what I am dealing with. And sometimes afflictions happen for Divide purposes; one example would be the Apostle Paul’s “thorn in the flesh”.

      • The “prince of the power of the air” doesn’t care what you call his methods or who gets the credit for them–as long as you use them. Call it Christ-centered, or strictly a tool–just make sure that you use it and that it “works”. That way, more people will use it and more people will be healed using the only power he has–the energy in the air. It is all vanity. Yes it “works” and people are “healed”; however It all leads to misery–even if they have “joy . . . for a season” (3 Nephi 27:11
        11 But if it be not built upon my gospel, and is built upon the works of men, or upon the works of the devil, verily I say unto you they have joy in their works for a season, and by and by the end cometh, and they are hewn down and cast into the fire, from whence there is no return.)
        Read the scriptures about all of the healing and magic done by this kind of power. It works and it leads people away from God. I do not believe we are being warned that energy healing doesn’t heal, we are just being warned to steer clear of ANY healing that relies on unseen powers other than the priesthood of God.
        Also, Western medicine doesn’t claim to be based on God; however, Eastern medicine does–yet the only True God heals by His own power and allows authorized men who hold The Priesthood to exercise that power–and only that power.

    • If energy healers are communicating with spirits than that is not of God. The church is clear on that. That would be being a Medium. However, using muscle testing to get answers to health is not channeling spirits. Muscle testing is scientific. It should not be used for major decisions, only regarding health. And real energy work just removes things that blocking the body from naturally healing itself which the body is designed to do at a natural rate. We should not confuse weird practices with scientific ones. And this energy/life source is nothing more than the Light of Christ which is in all this and giveth life to the world (in Doctrine and Covenants) which is obviously not evil.

  12. I add my aprreciation to the comments already posted. I have seen the fruits of energy healing. At first they seem so spiritual and so wonderful, but then it becomes more and more extreme as time goes on. Energy healers may start out as Foot zoner, but months down they are participating in sweat lodges, or fire walks. Simple Essential oil use can lead to the use of crystals and tarot cards. It becomes extreme. I have seen friends fall apart mentally because they can’t make a descision without muscle testing. I’ve seen energy healers who now believe they can travel to different realms and speak with spirits in these realms. I have seen children become emotional messes because their mothers are inviting evil spirits into their homes through energy healing. I know of couples who have divorced because of energy healing. Energy healing is anti Priesthood, anti Holy Ghost, anti Christ. Stay away from this practice.

    • Just because some misuse tools or gifts doesn’t make it all bad. There are plenty of medical drs. MDs…who misuse their power and authority..who are greedy..or dumb…or evil…
      Why is cutting on the body acceptable but healing through pressure points not? Why is putting strong chemicals not properly tested into our bodies OK or seen as good, but putting essential oils from plants on or in our bodies bad?…herbs are wonderful…yoga calms the body…positive energy heals…gratitude heals…anger hurts…greed hurts…tools can be misused…knowledge and skills can be misused.

      • To Lauri and Everyone,
        This does not need to be an argument of western vs. eastern medicine. The real issue is that these ‘Christ-centered energy healers’ claim to have a channel to God’s power outside of priesthood authority. They claim to have power from Christ connected to their methods of energy healing. This ‘gift’ they have is being exchanged for money. I consider that a mode of priestcraft–money in exchange for ‘religious’ connection or supposed blessings.

  13. I am so grateful for the restored gospel and living prophets who guide us today. I am grateful for the priesthood and the gift of discernment. I am sorry for the many confused and hurting members who are struggling to stay in line with the church’s recommendations and rely on the channels of proper authority. I pray we will all have ears to hear.

    • Where has the prophet said don’t use herbs or oils or Eastern or Chinese medicine? Why is American medicine godly but Chinese medicine evil?

  14. I read comments in this article and lots of unnecessary mud-slinging and holier than thou positions. All things that are good come from God. I see many LDS people ripping apart energy people, or faith healing or any ‘non-western’ modality as an incorrect channel, and see many of them praising western medicine in the same channel.
    There is no revelation that says that western medicine is always good or leads to a good result.
    In fact many people are given surgeries and are given pain killers prescribed by Medical doctors that are highly addictive. Also many drugs have terrible side effects.

    Here are some headlines that should call that common wisdom into question:
    From NPR:
    “Medical Errors Are No. 3 Cause Of U.S Deaths, Researchers Say – NPR”
    From Alternet:
    “100,000 Americans Die Each Year from Prescription Drugs, While Pharma Companies Get Rich”

    Articles like these call into question whether you should suspend all rational thought, and just ‘asking your doctor if [insert drug/operation] is right for you.’ when it is unknown if you will have a bad side effect from it, or whether it will actually improve your health, and how much it will cost to make it happen.

    Joseph Smith was opposed to Doctors (after the painful surgery he dealt with as a child, as well as a doctor killing his older brother Alvin), and supported herbs, read the free e-book ‘Joseph Smith and Herbal Medicine’

    I have seen great results from ‘energy work’, as well as herbs and homeopathy. I would encourage everyone to actually try these things, look into them, and pray about them, don’t just take a PR spokesperson’s (who has no ecclesiastical authority) word for something as important as your health or family member’s health. Study it out, and pray about it. Heavenly Father will guide you, but he won’t teach you any truth against your will. If the fruits are good, then it is good.

    • Exactly, I truly believe that those who solely rely on the arm of flesh are the ones who are deceived. D&C 42:43 And whosoever among you are sick, and have not faith to be healed, but believe, shall be nourished with all tenderness, with herbs and mild food, and that not by the hand of an enemy.

      44 And the elders of the church, two or more, shall be called, and shall pray for and lay their hands upon them in my name; and if they die they shall die unto me, and if they live they shall live unto me.

  15. I have had some concern for this for awhile now. The start of the Christ-centered energy healing movement first began with the Emotion Code and Body Code, founded by an LDS chiropractor from S. Utah. Where it has gone since it first started is into left field- casting out evil spirits, finding weapons of spiritual sabatoge, etc. Mr. Nelson’s original intent was supposedly for people to learn how to identify and release stuck emotions that are causing physical, mental, and emotional (and spiritual) problems- including generational. He originally said his intent was to teach his method of healing around the world, for when the time came that people would not have access to traditional doctors and medicines. Where he’s gone from there has been one of his method being patented and his “students” having to pay to become certified to be able to charge for his methods being used as a means of healing people worldwide- mostly by way of internet.
    It’s not cheap to become a certified practitioner of his, and once the first level is reached, it costs more money to go further. His students do not have to be licensed by their state boards, nor show they are qualified in any way to charge as much as $150 a session, and are not monitored.
    For people to blindly believe they have the authority to “cast out evil spirits” by simply saying the words he says to use, including in the name of Jesus Christ, or your Higher Power, or whatever you believe in…is putting that person in a very dangerous spiritual battle.
    I say this with first hand knowledge of a practitioner that has been certified and charging clients, yet that has been talking about having demons talking in her head, and has now been committed to a psychiatric ward herself.
    Nelson’s original materials did not have casting out of demons as part of his materials. Many, many LDS women (especially) are now attempting to “cast out” for other women in groups on facebook. It’s not something to mess with without proper authority.
    They have also been waiting to hear an approval from the general authorities of the LDS church through General Conference talks that this Energy Healing movement is approved by the church.
    “In the last days, even the elect will be deceived.”

    • I have had a completely opposite experience with the Body Code. I have dealt with emotional issues my whole life, and have taken meds for anxiety which had side effects I didn’t like. I had a body code practitioner work on me about 3 or 4 times for my fatigue and anxiety and I can tell you now that I have never felt better. Getting rid of those emotions that I have been holding onto for so long has been such a blessing in my life. I look at the Body Code as a blessing and a gift from God. Another way He has shown us that He loves us so much.

  16. I am SO grateful that the Church has come out with a definitive statement. There is no question in my mind that this “energy healing” stuff is deceiving many.
    If it were TRULY of God, then his anointed representatives would teach us about it; instead, they warn us against us. I’m thankful for true and living Prophets and Apostles.

    • Is a church spokespman an anointed representative? To me it seems a spokesman may or may not have talked to a general authority before issuing the statement he did. And even if he did, according to Joseph Smith “a prophet is only a prophet when he is acting as such”.
      Am I saying to disobey everything a church leader says? Nope, but every person has the right and responsibility consult with the Lord on every gospel question they have to receive a revelation on their own to see if any church leader is speaking for the Lord.
      Frankly it seems to me that a spokesman is a PR person with a job whose job it is to make sure the church doesn’t look crazy to the public, and give the church’s official stance on issues in general terms. Unless he’s the president of the church, he has no stewardship to receive revelation for the whole church, he cannot issue doctrine, and has no ecclesiastical authority over anyone, it’s not his calling, and the body of the church did not sustain him in conference. (If he is a seventy that’s a different issue though).

      • Are you kidding?
        Here we are two years later. And the church has not renounced the statement of the PR department rep.
        What do you think their job is in a company or organization? They make announcements and send out press releases that have been reviewed over and over again. They just don’t go out and say anything without approval.

        • Good points Nightowl. I was too emotionally wrapped up in EH at the time, I’ll admit it. After a lot of soul-searching, I’ve changed my opinion on this issue. Though as I alluded to earlier, modern medicine is a two-edged sword, it can sometimes remove cancerous growths from people, stop bleeding, and set broken bones, it can also harm people and even kill them (as happened to Joseph Smith’s brother Alvin).
          I’m not as sure about energy healing. I don’t know it’s evil, if people actually promise healing and charge money, I think there’s a problem with that.

          Since this is the church’s official statement (albeit through a PR rep). I’ll give the PR person the benefit of the doubt that they cleared this with church leaders before making the statement, and that the church leaders they consulted prayed before giving the answer too. And I’ll do some praying about this statement too and see what the Lord is willing to teach me, but if the church has an official position, I won’t argue with it anymore.

          “We urge Church members to be cautious about participating in any group that promises-in exchange for money-miraculous healings or that claims to have special methods for accessing healing power outside of properly ordained priesthood holders,” (LDS church spokesman Eric Hawkins)

    • Its also interesting to think about Sir Issac Newton when he came up with the theory on gravity, he was accused of going against God. He was treated horribly for it because it was something that wasn’t understood.

  17. It’s amazing to me how many people have fallen for EH. And most of them felt funny or that something was off but went ahead anyway. The Holy Ghost is the still, small voice…not false euphoria which these people have felt.

  18. I think people may have it all wound up and mixed in their heads. Christ centered energy healing ISN’T a method or modality. She used that term so others would know the “alternative” side of healing, which consists of many, many methods and modalities, isn’t just for those people who don’t know Jesus. These methods work because they work, one does not have to include the Lord in their sessions to find powerful, positive results anymore than in cognitive therapy or medicine. A Christ Centered practitioner is simply someone who believes in Christ and is open to prayer, like the therapists at LDS Family Services who get paid handsomely without question. There’s a huge misunderstanding in the terminology. It isn’t church. It isn’t a form of “blessing” in the latter-day definition. Christ Centered Energy Healing Conferences are simply for people who are Christians who want a safer place to discuss and learn about alternative healing without the fear of hearing things that are out of sync with keeping God first in our lives. Nobody is paying money for an increase of Christ, they are paying for a treatment, a therapy, and choosing someone who happens to know and love the Savior, in the very same way we choose counselors at LDS Family Services over others so we know the things they tell us are safe.

    The church is very clear and bold when making statements, one doesn’t have to read into what they say. The statement said to be *cautious of *groups promising *miraculous healing. “Energy Healing” isn’t miraculous, it is exercises through many different methods and modalities which require training and certification. Therapeutic treatment from these many modes does not require God or trust in a God because they are not faith based healing. Those practitioners utilizing a skill they have worked hard to learn and pay for (tuition) aren’t promising miracles though someone who doesn’t understand his it all works may call it that, much like many of my family members have called various surgeries and medicines “miraculous”.

    It should be clear that this report was nefarious and dishonesty by the way it was delivered. This guy was simply baiting with all the obvious ingredients of: the LDS church, women “healing” (honestly, such an emotionally inducing word), money (oh, no!), and then the name of Christ. It’s so blatant it stinks. AND, he was very misleading. His tone of voice was immediately telling as to what he wanted people to come away thinking. It’s a shameful piece of “resorting”.

  19. I notice that in the above New Testament reference, Simon sought to buy or purchase the power of the priesthood, and that his intent was to pass along the gift of the Holy Ghost.

    To me, this does not equate at all, to those who seek to use their divine gift of the Holy Ghost, to help others with medical or other problems.

    I received a priesthood blessing and later sought out a highly trained and professional “counselor” who is proficient in the techniques of what I call “the body code”, to help me get past some blockages in my own self, keeping me from making progress in certain areas of my life. The sessions were successful and the money I payed for the “counseling” was well earned by the certified counselor, and well spent by myself.

    No voodoo or mumbo jumbo was ever involved. Just good, honest, gospel based principles.

  20. Official Statement from Hope Haven Events

    On August 9, 2016, Channel 2, KUTV news requested to come to our conference and also record an interview with Hope Haven Events as part of a story they were airing to promote awareness around ‘Christ-centered Energy Healing’. Comments and video segments were edited in a way that grossly misrepresented the purpose, position and efforts of Hope Haven Events. Some information included in the segment was not only misrepresented and exaggerated, it was completely untrue. We wish to set the record straight and pray that those who read this statement will feel the truthfulness of what is being said here.

    Hope Haven Events is an education and events company. Among our events, is included the Christ-centered Energy Healing Conference. It has been hosted throughout the country for individuals interested in learning more about holistic health modalities. Complementary modalities are sometimes referred to as energy modalities or energy healing modalities because they utilize various energy systems in the body, such as meridians, chakras, auras, etc. Many of these are recognized therapies that have been incorporated into clinics, hospitals, and treatment centers throughout the world because of their effectiveness. Energy healing is a tool for achieving optimal health. It is not a replacement for traditional medicine. It is not a replacement for church or faith. Many modalities have been practiced for thousands of years and have roots in Eastern Medicine. Energy healing is intended to be a supplement to improve health in holistic ways. Some of the treatments come across as foreign to those who are unfamiliar with those type of services like a surgeon’s methods may be foreign to someone who doesn’t know how to perform their work.

    The name of the conference is a way for us to distinguish to our participants that the practitioners have a personal faith in Jesus Christ and recognize Him as the true source of all healing. It is not a modality itself. This event has never been targeted towards members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It has always been open to all, especially those who have a faith in Jesus Christ. We fully respect, love and appreciate all, no matter the religious affiliation or belief system they claim. We hope all will feel welcome. While we cannot speak for all Christ-centered Energy Healers, we will speak for the content taught and shared at our events. Hope Haven Events and our presenters do not use The Holy Priesthood during their services, at our conferences or in their modalities. We do not sell a remission of sins. We do not perform sacred ordinances. We do not promise miraculous healing.

    Our 2-day conference provides an opportunity for individuals to be introduced to and instructed by professionals in a variety of complimentary and holistic health modalities including: The Emotion Code, The Healer’s BluePrint, Foot Zonology, Kinesiology, and Reiki among many others. Our presenters consist of parenting experts, writers, massage therapists, chiropractors, dentists, essential oils educators, foot zoners, reiki masters, light therapists, life coaches and other mentors. We also offer a variety of classes on forgiveness, fortitude, parenting, marriage and much more. A minimal admission fee of $25 is requested to cover expenses. For those who have attended holistic health conferences or professional development conferences you will recognize that our pricing is extremely affordable.

    Furthermore, many energy workers do charge for their services, as do other occupations. They are providing a valuable service to clients and are compensated for their time and expertise. This is similar to what one would experience when hiring a life coach, a nutritionist, massage therapist or any other type of holistic practitioner. Energy Workers have invested time and financial resources into their education and in turn seek compensation for their time and expertise. The average cost for an energy session varies amongst practitioners, but is comparable to the cost of a massage. As in any industry, some are paid more and some are paid less depending on level of education & qualifications, amongst other things.

    As the owner of Hope Haven Events, I wish to add my personal statement as well. I agree with the statement provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about using caution. You should use caution in making all major decisions about your health and well-being. As an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I fully support and sustain the leaders of my faith. My desire and intention has always been to bring resources to families that will improve happiness and well-being. Our company mission statement is “to empower individuals, strengthen families and connect communities.” We hope that our events will always uplift and inspire.

    The statements made by KUTV about charging $1,000 per hour for energy healing were inaccurate, and knowingly misrepresented. In addition to being trained in various modalities, I have received training from some of the country’s most recognized coaches, including Kirk Duncan, Bob Proctor, Brendon Burchard, Amy Walker and several others. Executives around the world recognize the value of mentors and coaches. The pricing quoted by Mr. Woodruff in his news piece represents my fees for many mentoring sessions over a one year time period along with thousands of dollars in additional value including event tickets, audio/video library access, group mentoring experiences, books and much more. Instead, Mr. Woodruff represented them as fees for healing and nothing else was said. During the interview, we corrected them on this issue. They chose to publish incorrect information knowingly.

    Hope Haven Events deeply regrets the confusion caused by the Channel 2, KUTV news story. We offer support and love to all who are in this industry, no matter your religious affiliation or faith you associate yourself with. We recognize your valuable contribution to those around you and pray you will be able to hold your head up and keep going.

    Tammy Anderson Ward
    Hope Haven Events

    • Tammy,
      you are painfully deceived. You’ve heard from your leaders, you know there is doubt with the work you do with your followers,and now you have a Church statement from Headquarters. You have been warned; what you do from here is damning you and others you lead. Please take the advice you’ve been given and leave this alone.

  21. I honestly feel that these groups fall into self-awareness groups and should be avoided at all cost. And if you don’t know if it does, then do as President Faust taught “When in doubt it’s out!”

    Self-Awareness Groups

    Many private groups and commercial organizations have programs that purport to increase self-awareness, self-esteem, and spirituality. Some groups promise to enhance individual agency or improve family relationships. Some offer “experiential” or “empowerment” training.

    Some of these groups falsely claim or imply that the Church or individual General Authorities have endorsed their programs. However, the Church has not endorsed any such enterprise, and members are warned against believing such claims. The fact that the Church has not formally challenged such an enterprise should not be perceived as a tacit endorsement or approval.

    Church members are also warned that some of these groups advocate concepts and use methods that can be harmful. In addition, many such groups charge exorbitant fees and encourage long-term commitments. Some intermingle worldly concepts with gospel principles in ways that can undermine spirituality and faith.

    These groups tend to promise quick solutions to problems that normally require time and personal effort to resolve. Although participants may experience temporary emotional relief or exhilaration, old problems often return, leading to added disappointment and despair.

    Church leaders are not to pay for, encourage participation in, or promote such groups or practices. Also, Church facilities may not be used for these activities.

    Leaders should counsel members that true self-improvement comes through living gospel principles. Members who have social or emotional problems may consult with priesthood leaders for guidance in identifying sources of help that are in harmony with gospel principles.

  22. In Tammy Ward’s “official statement” she address the purpose of Hope haven events without clarifying or even addressing the concerns that surrounds “Christ Centered Energy Healing” and the warnings addressed by the Church.

    i would like to point out several fallacies in Tammy Ward’s statement that energy healing is simply a “holistic health practice”.

    First, Christ Centered Energy healing is absolutely marketed to LDS members. It is marketed as a “spiritual gift” and those that learn any energy healing “modality” from the emotion code to Reiki are told they have a spiritual gift and the are also told that while Christ is the ultimate healer the “energy practitioner’ is a conduit for Christ’s Power! So please explain to me where and how one receives both the power and authority to be a conduit for Christ’s power?
    LDS doctrine clearly teaches that for anyone to receive authority to act in Christs name and use His power they must called of God and by the laying on of hands by those in Authority to administer in Christ’s name. An energy healer or also commonly referred to “light worker” does not receive this authority by the laying on of hands. He or she must obtain this “power” through teachers and mentors who are paid.

    Second, Dr. Bradley Nelson claims that he received his information about the emotion code/body code in a dream revealed to him by God. He also claims that this information is worth over $20,000. Those who become certified must pay thousands of dollars to become certified in this method of “Spiritual healing” that was given by God to Dr. Nelson for free? How in the world does that make sense to you? Anyone can learn the emotion code simply by paying money. The emotion code is taught at Tammy’s conferences.

    Third, One energy healer, heard in the news clip, claimed this method of Healing was a fulfillment of prophecy. Can Tammy please explain how energy healing fulfills prophecy? Where is this prophecy written? By whom and to whom was this prophecy given?

    Fourth, Kathy Truman, presented in this news clip, who has been and continues to be both a keynote speaker and presenter at Tammy’s “Christ centered” energy healing events teaches her students how to channel and script messages from the “spirit realm”. She even holds over night energy healing retreats where one of her students testified she learned to “see and speak to disembodied spirits” for the purpose of teaching them the gospel and helping them cross over to the light. Can Tammy please explain how that fits in with “Holistic health practices”?

    Fifth, “Christ centered” energy healers claim that they always begin each session with a prayer. One healer at her conference stated ” I do energy healing that starts wit a prayer to Heavenly Father and end the prayer evoking the name of Jesus Christ. It is always very spiritual and brings people closer to Christ. I always have the assistance of angels when i work on my clients”. Can Tammy please explain how a “holistic health method” is bringing people to Christ and how are they healing with the help of “angels” or “spirits”?? Who are these “spirits” and where do they come from? Are these spirits being tested to know from what source they come? Healing using herbs and foods as ordained by God through scriptures do not involve spirits. Healing using the spirit or energy realm is very controversial among Christians of many faiths because of the deceptions warned about in scripture.

    Sixth, when you become a certified energy healer you also have to learn several rituals to cast out evil spirits. One method is taught at Tammy’s Christ centered energy healing Conference and is called smudging. Where is this ritual taught in the scriptures? Why does an energy healer have to cast out evil spirits during and after an energy healing session? I don’t know any other natural health practitioner who has to cast out evil spirits.

    Seventh, Energy healers are also taught to use tools like pendulums to receive answers for their clients. Why? The use of pendulums is a form of divination. Divination is condemned in scripture. Pendulums and crystals are also talked about and sold at Tammy’s energy healing conference. One woman named Gail Zuniga, teaches how to use crystals and pendulums to heal and receive answers fro God. She has said that in order to cleanse her pendulum so it will “divine” she has her husband perform a priesthood blessing on it. I would love to hear Tammy explain where the use and blessings of pendulums in order to receive inspiration regarding clients is taught in scripture?

    These are just a few of the many things taught at Hope haven events “Christ centered energy healing conferences”. Obviously none of this issues were addressed in Tammy’s statement so i would like further understanding as to why this is being sold to the public as simply another holistic healing method if Christ’s name is being used and His power is being claimed as the source of the healers ability to heal through the use of unseen spiritual forces!!

    Until then I caution anyone thinking of attending this event to seriously reconsider.

    • Well said Kimberly! It’s truly sad to watch so many get sucked in by it. I absolutely believe that it’s priestcraft. It’s satan’s counterfeit.

    • Tammy will probably not answer you. I believe she will ignore anything that threatens her “business”. Too bad no one taught her that Satan will use “miracles” to deceive. Her diapered son was “healed” and that made her “a believer”. I feel sorry for those who are so desperate for a cure that they will embrace the occult–usually without even realizing it.

  23. This whole thing saddens me. Not all energy healers pray before an energy session. That is highly inappropriate and I can’t believe they’d allow the news to record that. I also wonder why Robin is touching the woman, does she have a license to touch? It is my understanding that there is no touching in reiki. Also if a person is charging enormous amounts of money and has it on their website it’s free game for the media. Energy healing can be a beautiful thing when used in the right context, some take it too far. Some take many things too far. It concerns me how things are being taken too far and Christ’s name is used. Just because someone has spent thousands of dollars on mentors does not mean they can then charge thousands of dollars.

    • Annie – I don’t know why I found this post tonight. I am the Robin in the news report. I am not sure why I feel compelled to share what happened with you but I think I should. I have never shared my side of the story before but here goes.

      Tammy Ward asked me if Channel 2 could film me doing Reiki for a segment they were doing about her conferences. I was willing to help her and the news station so I agreed. I arranged to have Channel 2 film at my office and we spent 4 hours that night filming. When they started working with me I asked what they wanted me to do? He said I should just do a regular Reiki session. I told him that takes an hour and would be a waste of time since they just needed background footage. He asked then how I start a Reiki session? I said with a prayer. So he told me to pray. I laughed and said, “This is not a real Reiki session and I don’t need to pray.” He assured me he just wanted me to feel as comfortable as possible – like it was a real session – and to just go ahead and pray while they adjusted the camera equipment. He made it seem like he was concerned about me. I felt silly but said a simple prayer. I had no idea that my microphone was turned on or that they were filming the prayer. I was horrified to see that that was how they started the segment – with something that is so personal and sacred to me. It was very deceptive. They did not ask permission to do that.

      Later they asked me how Reiki was Christ-centered?? I said, “It is not. Any person of any religion or belief can participate in this modality. I am centered on Christ.” He then asked if I was the healer? I told him that I was not the healer. I explained that healing is between the individual and Christ. Reiki simply facilitates the release of negative emotion and stress on the body. I stated that “I am always hoping that Christ will come to assist in the healing.” In saying that, I was trying to acknowledge that Christ is the healer. I am fully aware that I have no power to heal them.

      I kept thinking about that statement as the interview continued and worried that people would misunderstand what I was saying. I wanted it to be clear that I did not see myself as the healer. I asked the reporter if we could re-do that section so I could be clearer. He said no – that what I said was perfect.

      In the segment, he then pulled the last statement out so that it sounded like I am charging people to have Christ come in and heal them. I was devastated. I am charging people for my time and the hours of training it took to learn what I know.

      They interviewed Tammy for 2 hours when they were done filming me. They had plenty of time to ask her about the church’s statement and never did. Then they closed the segment with the church’s statement and said Tammy would not respond to it. It was set up to look like Tammy would not know what to say to it. That wasn’t true. Tammy and I both agree with the church’s statement.

      At the end of the segment, they also listed Tammy’s prices for her mentoring packages that were in the thousands. That has nothing to do with Energy Healing and her prices are in line with other mentors packages in the state. She does not even do “healing sessions” for people and her mentoring is about business. It was misrepresented. As they interviewed her and kept focusing on her prices, I thought they were confused. I stepped onto the set, in front of the camera and explained that Tammy does not even offer healing sessions. I explained that what she was offering was business mentoring and that had nothing to do with the segment they were presenting. He thanked me and said he had misunderstood. They aired her prices anyway knowing full well what he was doing. He was trying to sensationalize the story.

      There is much more I could relate about the segment that was deceptive and wrong. I felt like Little Red Riding Hood when it was all over. I thought I was talking to Grandma, and in the end, I realized it was the big bad wolf. I could not believe he would ask us to spend 4 hours of our time to turn this story into something against us. Tammy and I have both learned the hard way about the danger of media coverage.

      As for your question about touching, Reiki can be done with hands on or off the body. I always ask my clients what their preference is and follow their request.
      I too think that Energy healing can be a beautiful thing when used in the right context. It has been a great blessing to me in my life and the lives of others.
      Thanks for listening.

      • Thank you for sharing your version. If all I read or hear is from one side, I never know enough to understand.

  24. I have been to 3 women that do this. They did not offer me or tell me I would have a quick fix. They did not claim to use or possess in themselves some power that was like the Priesthood. They were active women, with strong testimonies and good countenances.

    So far nothing the 3 women I have seen have done anything contrary to what the brethren warned against. Western medicine and herbs simply aid the body to heal itself, if it is a good product. We are souls: body, brain, spirit. A legitimate Christ-centred energy healer simply helps unlock these abilities in ourselves to help heal use in a physiological/spiritual capacity. There is nothing demonic or anti-priesthood or God about it. If something is God’s will and I get a Priesthood blessing, that is very powerful. Of course God’s power and faith trump all other healing methods.

    I never had the impression that the women I have seen were advertising some sort of Priesthood alternative. It is simply other healthcare methods that utilise and understand the fact that we are spiritual beings. I think not understanding and fear of the unknown causes people to shun this. I bet there are some women healers that give good ones a bad name.

    Also I could tell that the women I have seen have spiritual gifts and intuition. Should they not develop these gifts and use them? They go get accredited training. Like an institute teacher being paid for his professional training.

  25. I also should note that the women I saw were not part of this specific “Christ centred energy healing” place. One was in Ontario and the other two are in my home town in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This article seems to be a response directed at the Christ centred energy healing institution.

  26. So interesting!
    I think the truth is when anything becomes a distraction and we forget to take our issues to the Lord in faith and trust: in authentic prayer (ask), purposeful scripture study (seek) and studying our pat blessings and lean into the automatic blessings in faith of Christ’s Atonement, our covenants (especially baptismal, sacramental and initiatories) we fall susceptible to other practices and entities that don’t align to His Will.

    And and and

    We are slothful though if we have to be commanded in all things. We are to do much good and learn many skills and develop gifts that help others and serve ourselves in becoming emotionally, physically and mentally self reliant….

  27. God gives his revelation to his Prophet for the World. There is an air of apostasy around this practice. I hope and pray that good members will see it for what it is. Wo unto those that call good evil and evil good.

  28. I see my response will be so late as to almost be meaningless however, my statement is this…You need to use YOUR own power of discernment to know the intention of virtually any person you may have dealings with in your life, especially when it comes to your health and well being. People in the same field of practice may have different levels of skill or intentions in the work they are engaged in. But please note nowhere in these passages have I read these gifts belong ONLY to members of the priesthood.
    On entitled Gifts of the Spirit by Elder Robert D. Hales
    “…Other examples of the gifts that you have participated in are from D&C 46 verses 19 and 20: “And again, to some it is given to have faith to be healed;

    “And to others it is given to have faith to heal.”

    There have been times when I have laid hands upon one who was ill and felt their spirit and their faith so strongly that they would be healed that I felt a surge of the power of their faith.

    The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that the faith to be healed is one of the greatest gifts an individual can have.

    Please note also from Articles of Faith #7 We believe in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of tongues, and so forth.

    Generally any individual with these Gifts and Talents has had to assess from where they come on their own and practices in some manner to make use of them. Just like any artist who may have an inclination to paint will not likely make a masterpiece in the first try. These people will assuredly be in your midst they will most definitely not brag about these abilities, most will be offended if you offered them money for their time. The alarmist answers given here shows how little most of you truly know your God is capable of. Work on your own “Spirit of Discernment” and you will not need to fear being decieved.

    • “Work on your own ‘spirit of discernment’ and you will not need to fear being deceived.” Thank you for being a reasonable voice in this conversation. If we want to find truth, we can trust the process outlined by President Nelson in the 2018 General Conference. “You need to use YOUR own power of discernment to know the intention of virtually any person you may have dealings with in your life, especially when it comes to your health and well being.” Very well said.

  29. Thank you, your comment has helped answer some of the questions I had about Reiki and energy healing and how it all fits into the gospel.

  30. Is it just me or does anyone see that as active members of the church, you are paying 10% of your income to support the top tier leadership of the church who leads you to believe that no miracles can happen outside of the Melchizedek priesthood and if it does, it’s of the devil. Amazing how many “energy healers” are LDS women seeking to find their own power and have spent enormous amounts of time studying to amplify their skills to help others in the light of Christ only to hear their paid leadership shame them and warn members that this is not of Christ. Diminishing any power outside of the priesthood is naive and sad. We are plagued with mental health and addiction issues where the western medicine would point towards medically assisted treatment which gets loved ones off of one addiction while creating another one. I have worked with so many patients that have tried the medicated route and seek holistic alternatives in order to truly get sober and heal. Many families seek holistic healing options hoping to provide solutions that would NOT continue this addiction cycle and provide a healthier way of raising their loved ones vibrations thus giving them a true chance at being truly sober. We have rampant mental health conditions that cannot be fixed with naive word of wisdom mixed with pharmaceutical medications. That can’t be the only LDS approved option unless we truly want our loved ones in a constant battle of trading one addiction for another. Holistic healing is for many people, the only option that provides a healthy alternative for a healthy lifestyle. Be educated enough to see what you pay the church and physicians to write your prescriptions. Take out alternative holistic healing and we have MORE mental health conditions and addiction with less healthy options. Scriptures and priesthood blessings are not the only way people can heal or else we would not need treatment centers which abound in Utah. Many of these centers offer holistic healing and charge for it. If that’s offensive, you may want to contact MAT clinics (medically assisted treatment) which prescribe suboxone, methadone, and other drugs which stay in your system 4X longer and are extremely harder to come off of then opioids and heroine. Good luck with that. I chose holistic healing. Please educate yourselves before you make your decision.

  31. As an Energy Healing Practitioner and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner of many years, I have been invited by medical doctors to work in their clinics because of the physical benefits of releasing frequencies of stress from the body with magnets and other non-invasive techniques. Healing Touch is practiced by over 30,000 nurses in clinics and hospitals in the U.S.. When administered by a physician or nurse, energy healing modalities can be covered by some insurance plans. The research on subatomic healing is vast. But it takes less effort to shoot off a cheap, unqualified opinion than reading scholarly articles. So I will have to continue to endure hostile and willful ignorance to participate in my beloved religion. The church’s policy on energy healing is not doctrine. It is a policy that was woefully ignorant. Like withholding priesthood from black members of the church, the change of policy on medical marijuana, moms being told to stay home and then in 2006 women being told to get their education and prepare to support their families because the men are morally dropping like flies, missionaries being cut off from family to serve a mission only to now have weekly calls, sister missionaries now wearing pants and not just skirts and dresses, the church’s position on energy healing is uneducated and cult-like and will need to be corrected to maintain credibility on this point. It is sexist and highly actionable to assert that healing outside the Priesthood is not of God. It is a long tradition of spiritual abuse in our church that breeds comfort with character assassinations of people of particular groups. I have worked with hundreds of people and have seen literal miracles of healing and growth because the work I do is based on long-established scientific principles that are of themselves a marvel, and people do the work. Most of my clients came from traditional medical efforts that utterly failed. They were suffering with severe issues and when we finished their work, they were peaceful, felt better physically, and remarkably less burdened and happier than they had been before. Many times through my work I recommended medical care. As a professional, I reserve the right to practice my profession openly without bullying from my own faith community. I was born with the gift of music and spent years teaching for profit and was never accused of witchcraft though healing and growth occurred for my students. I also have a gift for teaching that I did not have to work for. I have been paid for that and no one rails against me. Yet, despite the thousands of hours of hard work and training to certify in my profession, and despite the consistent positive results that I see, and despite the large number of people I have helped overcome the devastating effects of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical abuse, I am cautioned against and so sinful that the church needs to issue a statement to the church in the handbook to protect my fellow members from me. It is so ridiculous I actually laughed when I read the handbook because it was so off base. I have never experienced that reaction to church policy before. The mentality behind the Salem Witch Trials make more sense to me now as I watch pseudo-Saints attack the thousands of LDS professional energy healing practitioners. I used to be an ignorant Pharisee, and can say unequivocally that nothing but willful ignorance is behind every string of bs that a Pharisee utters. Energy healing from a medical doctor in Utah saved my son’s life after medical tests showed nothing wrong. Yet he continued to fail to thrive. He was wasting away quickly. A few priesthood blessings and my own patriarchal blessing (that told me I would learn and use principles that strengthen the mind and body that many in the church would not understand but are sacred and in harmony with the gospel) guided me to my first introduction to energy healing at that first doctor’s visit. My son improved so quickly after his first energy healing that I was compelled to learn how to help people. Regardless of your profession, you can’t help people and be an arrogant jerk. So, please, you armchair critics and purveyors of ignorant opinions and religious abuse, look in the mirror and ask yourselves if you really know enough about what you speak. I know I didn’t until I had run out of medical options for my son and found energy healing through our own LDS medical doctor. Now I am one of “those” people I once targeted with my own bigotry. Would it freak you out to know I have colleagues who have had energy healing clients in the upper levels of church leadership and their spouses? Yeah. It’s a thing. I am sad that either they have not stepped up and defended us, or if they have, have clearly been ignored. Are we surprised that KUTV misrepresented the vulnerability of their interviewees? We shouldn’t be. Just like I teach my clients, look for toxic patterns of behavior to reverse-engineer stress. The stress the dishonest reporting has likely caused others is unconscionable.