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James F. Stoddard III with L. Hannah Stoddard

Reason #1: The power of Satan is real.  Never tell your kids witches aren’t real.

Lucifer and his power is not cute.  It’s not a game.  It’s not fun.  It’s not funny.  Read “5 Scary Stories Teaching What Halloween is Really About”.

Tara Lawson: The Real Life Paranormal

Reason #2: Satan causes extreme suffering.

The night of Halloween is revered by those who engage in witchcraft and other occult religions.

Glenn Hobbs (taken from Halloween: Trick or Treat?)

Glenn Hobbs shares his childhood memories of Halloween and the horrific abuse he endured during Halloween rituals.

Glenn responds to the question, “What is your reaction when you see Halloween celebrated by people?”

Watch as Christian men and women share their experiences with Satanic forces and/or rituals.

Nancy Dunn: Saving the Satanist*

Against her will, this woman was a pawn in her father’s evil game

Barbara Arthur: The Truth about Witchcraft

The Danger of the Ouija Board

Please note the Prophet Joseph Smith’s teaching that no man can truly discern or cast out evil spirits “. . . without the Priesthood, and having a knowledge of the laws by which spirits are governed . . .”. See more

Individuals through the ages have exercised faith through prayer and evil spirits have been dispelled. How can this be if they did not hold the Priesthood? We must remember that the Lord can send angels from the other side of the veil with authority to answer prayer and faith. (Read more)

Our family has determined that we will not celebrate the holiday that causes untold horrors for hundreds of men, women, children and infants.

See also:

Reason #3: Halloween and other elements of Satanism mock God & His Priesthood

Many years ago, I was given the opportunity to speak personally with the son of a Satanist High Priest over one of the largest cities in the United States.  To protect the life of my friend, I will not reveal the name of the city.  Through our conversations, I realized that Satanic rituals and sacrifices are little more than the blaspheming of sacred words and  and the blasphemous acting out of sacred rites to gain favor with Lucifer.

One example is the inverted pentagram, as demonstrated in this clip from Statesmen & Symbols: Prelude to the Restoration.

Satanists and the Occult Desecrate Holy Symbols


From the Ouija Board to the Occult . . .*

Sarah, the teenage witch . . . no longer

Reason #4: Engaging in Satanic rituals, witchcraft and so forth is condemned in the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants & Pearl of Great Price.

Book of Mormon:
2 Nephi 12:6
Alma 1:32
3 Nephi 21:16
Mormon 1:19
Mormon 2:10

Old Testament:
Exodus 22:18
Leviticus 19:31
Deuteronomy 18:10
Joshua 13:22
1 Samuel 15:23
1 Samuel 28:3, 5–25
2 Kings 23:24
2 Chronicles 33:6
Jeremiah 27:9
Ezekiel 13:23
Micah 5:12
Nahum 3:4
Malachi 3:5

New Testament:
Acts 8:9–12
Acts 13:6–12
Galatians 3:1
Galatians 5:19–21
Revelation 9:21
Revelation 21:8
Revelation 22:14–15

Doctrine & Covenants:
Doctrine and Covenants 76:103
Doctrine and Covenants 63:17

Jessica Galbreth: From Dark Art to True Light*

Spooky Witchcraft Memories of Life Before Christ

Sick of the Dark Side

To learn more, see the following FAQ compilations:

Reason #5: I know the history of Halloween

Our righteous forefathers refused to celebrate Halloween and similar festivals originating from Satanic worship.  This celebration of death and fear was not observed by the Separatist Pilgrims, the Puritans, the Founding Fathers and the early pioneers.  Why are we celebrating a day that “hallows” Satan?

Learn more about the history of Halloween:

This video contains doctrinal errors in regard to the Spirit World and Judgement, but provides an excellent history of Halloween and its true roots.

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We invite everyone to share their top 5 reasons
why they do not celebrate Halloween!

Share in the comments below!

* At the conclusion of the video, there is some discussion of salvation by grace”.  Please see our Salvation, Grace & Unconditional Love FAQs.

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Amy Brown
Thank you for this article. This is something we need some introspective thought, and since it is such a cultural tradition, may take some healthy sacrifice on our part. Some reason’s our family does not celebrate Halloween are: 1) Holidays take up a very large about of time and hence a big chunk of our lives. If we are putting so much energy into any activity at all, that activity should the have lasting effect of Building the Kingdom of God. Holidays aren’t “just fun”, they teach and honor, and celebrate. What are we teaching, honoring and celebrating on Halloween?… Read more »
Kimberly Smith
My Top 5 Reasons our family does not celebrate Halloween by Cameron and Kimberly Smith #1 The Book of Mormon teaches clearly that traditions that are in accordance with the gospel of Christ can have a profound influence on leading the children of men to truth. Righteous lives are influenced not only by the Spirit of the Lord but also by righteous men and women who teach their children correct principles. Latter-day Saints must learn to discern and choose between the righteous traditions of the gospel and the evil traditions that surround them. Righteous traditions fostered in the family have… Read more »

1) Because the preparation alone, costumes for all the kids, takes precious, sacred time;
same for money;
2) Because it’s paganistic practice and I am not a pagan nor is my family;
3) Because its Origins are not of or from Christ
4) Because it’s sugar on my child’s teeth and in their body, we can’t afford
5) Because of the entitlement which follows having a stash of candy they “earned” or worked hard for… if that’s working hard why don’t we all work hard and beg


You realize that Christmas and Easter are also based off pagan holidays


Jay, while those are also pagan based in some ways, they now Glorify Christ and proclaim His name publicly. I’m not saying the paganism is acceptable, nor that we shouldn’t seek God for His wisdom regarding these Holidays as well… but there is a clear distinction. Halloween is in no way glorifying Jesus.

Phil Fletcher

A shocking revelation eh? Perhaps we should reconsider celebrating them too…

Heather Jackson
I’m grateful for this article and the many great points it brings to light. My family has been weaning itself from Halloween for about two years now. With seven kids and this tradition we had been celebrating for our whole lives, this was no simple task. Our kids saw me get rid of my witch costume and others, along with multiple Halloween decorations I had collected over the years. They didn’t get to participate in the school parade or go trick or treating with friends… not even the ward trunk or treat satisfied my intense need and desire to distance… Read more »
Heidi Howcroft
I do not celebrate Halloween because I feel I can either celebrate God or Satan and no man can serve two masters. I want to spend my time focusing on the things of My Father in Heaven and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ. There is already too much darkness and evil in the world and celebrating it and/or making light of it, as if it’s just “fun and games,” only dulls the senses to the dangers of evil, and at it’s worse, can drive away the spirit of God. I like to focus on the approaching Thanksgiving and all that… Read more »
1) You teach your kids growing up not to talk to strangers and never to take anything from a stranger, but once a year you encourage them to go door to door to MULTIPLE strangers houses and beg for candy from them. 2) If you listen to the spirit in any way shape or form you can feel the evil and malevolence of the day and worse the night. That’s why for younger kids is extremely scary to them to go trick or treating, because their spirit is telling them it’s wrong and warning them of the danger. Yet the… Read more »
Great article filled with important information. Thank you so much for compiling this!! Much needed! Our family has decided not to celebrate Halloween as well. 1) having known people close to me that are survivors of satanic ritual abuse, I know that Satan and the occult is very real and I want to be as far away from that as possible. 2) I want to be as close to God and that entails getting out of Babylon. 3) I’d like for my family to not splurge on candy. Would rather teach moderation and self control. 4) Too expensive. All the… Read more »
Amy Allred
Oh, so many reasons to skip Halloween! 1. Halloween is full of fear and we know that is not from God. 2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind. 2. Halloween grows up – It may start with cute costumes and a bobbing for apples but soon turns into pornographic and gory costumes, horror movies and ‘playing’ with the occult. If I teach my children that it’s all in “fun” when they are young I am preparing them to accept more and more as… Read more »
Julie Smith
1) The first reason we gave up this holiday was when we had small kids- it made no sense to go into debt for an hour holiday. I was cheap and even $20 of candy to give out was just dumb. For me logically I couldn’t do it. 2) I also then learned anytime there is a fad or something is popular Satan has a hold on that fad. So I became immediately turned off on it. 3) I learned in the last few years about the Christian side of this day and was so saddened, that I, who should… Read more »

Can you imagine celebrating Halloween in Zion? How about in the Celestial Kingdom? Enough said.

Alyson Harwood
1. We are warned in Isaiah 5:20, “Wo unto them that call evil good and good evil, that put darkness for light and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” I had two experiences as a child where friends wanted to play games that invite evil spirits and I knocked on doors of Satan Worshipers, fortune tellers, palm readers, a missionary. I felt the darkness of those experiences. It is real. I want nothing to do with it. Making it cute or fun doesn’t change that its root is evil. 2. I am by… Read more »
Cameron Smith
My wife, Kimberly, already already shared our 5 reasons for not celebrating Halloween. I would like to share the blessings our family have received by choosing to turn our hearts and minds away from the Halloween tradition. Not only do we not celebrate Halloween by not trick or treating, dressing up in innocent or cutesy costumes, or even attending “harvest parties”, we do nothing to celebrate this day. Even by participating in “alternative” activities we feel it is still a celebration of October 31st. We try not to draw any attention to this day by engaging in activities that are… Read more »
Katharine Moore

A blog post I wrote a few years ago. We have not observed Halloween for about a decade now, and I am now more against Halloween than ever. My reasons have morphed from the nutritional ones stated in the post, to spiritual ones. Maybe that is why the Word of Wisdom promises hidden treasures of knowledge – get ride of the physical garbage, and it becomes that much easier to discern and get rid of the spiritual garbage.


5 reasons why your children will not speak to you when they’re grown.

Phil Fletcher
First five things that come to mind, Not enough discipline at home (Proverbs 22:15, Proverbs 29:15, Ephesians 6:4) The wrong company and the flattery of prominent men. (Proverbs 12:26, Proverbs 13:20, 1 Corinthians 15:33, General Conference, October 3, 1964) False Educational ideals and teachers. (Romans 16:17, “A Plea to Strengthen Our Families”, General conference address, October 1970) Sympathy and tolerance for wickedness (Proverbs 24:21–25) Corrupt idolatrous traditions (all throughout the scriptures, I found Avraham Gileadi’s write up about the idolatry in our day, in his book the Last Days, an apt summation). The celebration of Halloween indoctrinates children in those… Read more »

Hey James,
I’m wondering how you address the issue of LDS church sponsored Halloween activities? My ward does “trunk-or-treat” and a spook alley. Do your children resent you for not allowing a seemingly harmless activity? I don’t know, it just seems like an extreme leap from dressing up as a Disney character and knocking on Sis Smith’s door saying “trick-or-treat” to becoming a Satan worshiper.

Phil Fletcher
Are ward-level, Church sponsored activities considered doctrine now? I always considered them traditions as I have yet to find the section about pinewood derby in the scriptures. Halloween may appear like a seemingly harmless activity, just as countless children are spoon-fed seemingly harmless cultural and moral standards completely the antithesis of our Christian religion from the Disney corporation . Evil often slips through the guard disguised in cutesy packages. Keep your children away from both. While a lot of people may not join the church of Satan from “trick-or-treating” they will certainly be desensitized to the very real danger and… Read more »

Wait, trick or treating will desensitize children to the power of the adversary?! How extreme is that?! And who said anything about church activities becoming doctrine?
Halloween IS a harmless, fun activity. Being a parent who’s active in your children’s lives is more important than anything. ANY church is no substitute for good parenting. If you’re getting your cultural and moral standards from a religion then you have bigger problems.

Caleb Young
Christian, “Wait, trick or treating will desensitize children to the power of the adversary?! How extreme is that?!” Not that extreme. Google defines desensitize as “to make (someone) less likely to feel shock or distress at scenes of cruelty, violence, or suffering by overexposure to such images.” What better way to desensitize children to the occult and their symbols (i.e. skeletons, witches, zombies, etc.) than to have a pagan-based holiday celebrating death and fear? By making those things appear as “a harmless, fun activity” we desensitize ourselves and our families to the evil behind those symbols and ideas. “And who… Read more »
Thinking some folks need to lighten up, LOL. Here are some of the reasons I DO celebrate Halloween: 1.Gives my kids a chance to get to know the neighbors around us in a quick sweep all in one night. Many of our neighbors count on seeing us and prepare accordingly. For some, we are their only visitor of the evening. 2. Gives us a chance to talk about our Celtic ancestry, and some of the funny customs they practiced 3. Gives the kids a chance to dress up and pretend to be something they aren’t, which they find really fun… Read more »
Caleb Young
Rachael, You say that “folks need to lighten up.” This is nothing to lighten up about. As the article states, the occult is REAL. Satan is real. Joking about or celebrating his power and minions is not funny at all. All five of your reasons you choose to celebrate Halloween can be reached in much easier and safer ways than Halloween (such as service projects, delivering cookies, and being involved in community activities/fundraisers). Your reasons are not untrue or bad, and may be perceived emotional benefits you have seen in the past. However, they all ignore the purpose of Halloween:… Read more »
Rebecca Richards
Like Heather, our family has slowly been weaning away from Halloween. The past few years, my children have asked “why?” when I’ve told them that we don’t celebrate Halloween, but I felt that “It is Satan’s holiday” was all the answer they could accept at the time. This year, I have spent the last few months mentally planning a FHE discussion to go further into the answer of why it is Satan’s holiday and why I don’t want anything to do with it. And after last year’s offensive decor of our church building for the ward trunk or treat party,… Read more »
Amy Brooke
Our family together made the decision to not participate in anything associated with Halloween, the Spirit confirmed our decision in Sister Marriott’s April 2016 address. We have been blessed in many ways for having made this decision. There is one particular blessing that has come from this decision that I would like to share with others. For a couple of years, October has become our official month of service. It is during this month that we make all of our plans for the things that our family can do to bless others. Whether it be raking leaves for a neighbor,… Read more »
Michelle J
After reading this last year, I knew our family had to stop joining in this evil tradition, even if we celebrated it in an ‘innocent’ way. Watering down evil to what seems harmless and cute is still participation. It is a holiday of honoring Satan. At first I felt completely overwhelmed because my family is very sentimental over the trick-or-treating, annual ward trunk-or-treat, gobs of candy and cute costumes. This year they have come to a better understanding of why I don’t like it. It gets easier to ditch as the costumes and decorations get more evil and disgusting. Thank… Read more »
I agreed that satan is using such tradition to invite us to cerebrate with him the spirit of darkness. The fun in making up makes young christians like this cerebation. In my country in this day some of them made themselves like dracula the vampire,other like the living zombies the walking dead to chase people and scare. Few places the robbers cover with mask to rob people at the parking area after the party.we have reported of cases of sex harrassment during the celebration in the bars or night club.This is what satan wants our world to be.To Christians who… Read more »