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  1. Thanks for the article.. loved it. I have not ever consumed coffee in liquid form but I have had to many rock stars and other such evil addicting soft drinks by justifying it to help me stay awake on graveyard shifts. I’m glad I don’t do that anymore.

  2. I like your observation that the Word of Wisdom is primarily meant for spiritual health. I feel the promise in D&C 89:19 is largely overlooked. I’ve that found when I eat a cleaner diet I’m more open to spiritual understanding. Thanks for the insights on what “hot drinks” really means!

  3. I have been avoiding reading this article because I have been dependent on these ‘cold’ hot drinks for many years. As an exhausted mother, a nurse working graveyard and early morning shifts, and experiencing the many moments where we are expected to be alert and awake even when we could fall dead asleep on the concrete. I justified it as a necessary evil of modern society, at least it wasn’t coffee! I often laughed inside at my obvious hypocrisy. I knew I was not keeping the word of wisdom by drinking these, but I continued to justify it for safety reasons – “I can’t make a mistake while caring for this critically ill patient.” “I can’t fall asleep and drive off the road with my children.” As I have learned how to truly care for this physical temple that God has given me, I can no longer drink these with a good conscience. I can have faith in the Lord that He will strengthen me in my times of need if I make all efforts to care for the tabernacle of my spirit.

  4. I really enjoyed reading the insight in this article about the Word of Wisdom.
    I read this article after I felt prompted to live the Word of Wisdom more fully, and the slight change in definition was a huge game changer. I always personally felt that caffeinated drinks were not good for you, but because the brethren never said anything against it (I know, I was one of those people), I would drink Dr Pepper occasionally. However, as soon as I fully committed to this and quit drinking the kind of drinks mentioned, I began to feel the spirit more easily in my life and even feel healthier overall.